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Varshney Sweets

Varshney Sweets is one of the oldest and most well-known family-claimed sweet shops in Budansi, Aligarh. They have served customers delicious sweets, dairy products, and other fast food Since 1995. They offer a wide range of cuisines- Bundi Ladoo, Rasmalai, Balushahi, Milk Cake, Rasgulla, Pista Barfi, Pav Bhaji, and other delicious foods. They use the freshest ingredients in preparing sweets to provide the best quality and taste. 

Client’s requirement 

They wanted a professional-looking website for their customers to get information about the foods or products easily as well as easy and quick services to the one who wants to enjoy their favorite food at their home. The other requirements of the client on the website are as follows-  

  1. Manage the Categories and Products based on the category.  
  2. Home, Product listing, Product-details, categories, and contact us pages. 

Our work for Varshney Sweets 

We developed the content management system (CMS) for the website and the details of CMS are listed below: 

  1. Admin Panel 
  2. Customer Website 

We have added the following features to the website: 

  • Home Page 
  • Category Sliders 

  • Product Sliders 

  • About us section 

  • Products on the basis of category 

  • Shop page in which all the products are listed and you can order the product on Whatsapp 

  • Category detail page in which all the products are listed based on category. 

  • Contact us page 

Challenges we faced while web development of Varshney Sweets 

The customers of Varshney sweets mainly belong to a small town. Thus, the challenge was to create a website that was easy to use, understandable, and resonated with their cuisine offering and style. Moreover, it was important to show the essence of Varshney Sweets hospitality and the restaurant's aura on the website. 


We highly focused on our content and chose high-quality graphics that are appealing and attractive. We created a website that is easy to access and refreshing. Moreover, we simplified the structure of this site, easy navigation with organized offerings. 

Technologies we used while creating this website. 

Frontend- Html, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript 

Backend- Laravel, MySQL