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Cyber7Horses is a metaverse game where users can own & Interact with their Horses and warriors. Cyber7Horses metaverse users do not just get to own a Digital Horse, but you can also interact, pet, play, and feed with it in a 3D game. Your very own digital warriors! 

Client’s Requirement 

They wanted a Game-based application website where they could offer exceptional staking returns and a phenomenal multiplayer 3D game that players can enjoy and earn simultaneously. Moreover, they wanted to connect Multiple platforms, similar to the Internet containing different websites accessible through a single browser. 

Our Work for Cyber7horses 

As per the requirements of the client, we added the following pages to the website- 

  • About  

  • Why Cyber7  

  • Tokenomics   

  • Roadmap  

  • MarketPlace  

  • Contact us  

Challenges we faced while web development of Cyber7horses 

We have created numerous websites but developing a game-based website was new for us. Moreover, the client’s expectations were very high from us due to the high reputation of Techsbeta. Hence, it was challenging for us to work on it.   


We always believe in learning. Our team learned about new concepts and technologies for the creation of cyber7horses. After learning for a few days, we initiated working on it. Moreover, the satisfaction level of the client was at a different level. After that, we successfully worked on numerous websites with the same pattern. 

Technologies we used while creating this website. 

Html, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript